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Make your Cryptos untraceable


Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are an excellent way to stay anonymous when you do online purchases, peer-to-Peer payments and more. However, cryptocurrencies do not afford you complete anonymity since all activities and transactions are recorded in the open-source software, called the blockchain. Meaning, people can check your past transactions and trace your funds by just entering your Bitcoin address.

When you use cryptocurrencies to buy products online, third parties can track your transactions and relate it to your identity, as you need to provide your address and personal information.

However, you can leave no trace and assume complete anonymity using CoinJoin. The program allows you to mix your coins with help of the platform’s pools. This means, your Cryptocurrencies will be mixed with hundreds of Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies, leading to a guaranteed confusion of the trail back to the funds’ original source. As a result, you end up with clean, untraceable coins.

How CoinJoin works

Receive clean and untraceable Cryptos in 3 simple steps!

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Step 1

Enter Address and Send Coins

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Step 2

We Mix Your Coins

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Step 3

Receive Untraceable Coins