Email Sending Service


Features:,1,000,000 (One Million Sending) – Quick Format Sending We Do The Dirty Job, All Inbox Delivery, Within 24 Hours Any Attachment Supported, No Content Restrictions HTML or Text Format Your Reply To Address Used, You Get Responses Directly,SAVE TIME AND EFFORT, FOCUS ONLY ON 1000’S OF RESPONSES THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE, GUARANTEED.,Do you want to send your Format / Email to Client but have no time ?  This is the package for you then.  For just 100$ we will send your Format to your choice of List (List charge Extra) from our website using your Reply To Address and Your Subject Lines.  All replies will be delivered/sent to you directly.  We will just send the emails to all recipients and make sure that they are delivered to INBOX.  Once we begin the campaign you will be able to Monitor the progress in real-time.  You will just log in to your Account and check the status of your campaign.  You will have full control of the campaign.  Depending on your requirements we can finish the campaign within 1 Day or spread the same over 3-4-5 days.  We can send any Format, no restriction on what can and cannot be sent.  We also Guarantee 2-3% responses on the Campaign.,What are you waiting for ? HIRE US AND WE WILL SEND YOUR FORMAT NOW.